Pokemon Trading Card Game - Loose Pack Battle (5 Packs) #1

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You are guaranteed to receive 5 packs of Full Metal Wall opened on live stream and a chance to win an additional 6 packs of Full Metal Wall (SM9b) (or another standard set upon request). Read below to learn how pack battles work.

Pack battles are where 2 people compare their pulls (Holos or better) from their set of packs in order to win a prize. You and one other participant will each receive 5 packs opened on stream. The person who pulls the most of the best cards will be the winner of the pack battle. Points will be assigned for all types of possible pulls (see below). Points will be added up for each participant after the packs are opened. The person with the most points after all the packs are opened will then be the winner and will receive a prize of 6 additional packs of Super Burst Impact. In the case of a tie, participants will receive 3 additional packs each. 

Points System:

 Holo rare 1 point
Trainer Rare 2 points 
Pokemon GX (Standard Art) 3 points 
Full art rare  4 points 
Hyper rare  (Rainbow)  6 points 


 Note: You do not need to be in the stream chat to participate in a pack battle. If win any packs and are not in the chat, your winning packs will remain sealed. You may request they be opened at a later time. 

Note: You may not pack battle yourself

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