Pokemon Trading Card Game - Loose Pack Random PYT - 30 Packs 3 Set Break #2

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Loose Pack Random PYT - 30 Packs 3 Set Break #2

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For this break you will recieve all the cards (or only the pulls if you select that option) of a randomly selected type from 10 packs of Tag Bolt, 10 packs of Night Unison and 10 packs of Full Metal Wall plus 2 packs of GX Ultra Shiny. There are 13 spots in this break. All spots have a chance for a secret rare. Types will be randomly assigned live before the break is opened on stream. Any spot that does not hit at least 1 holo card will recieve 2 sealed packs of Tag Bolt, Night Unison or Full Metal Wall.

Tag Bolt includes multiple artworks for Celebi & VenusaurGX, Magikarp & WailordGX, Pikachu & ZekromGX, Gengar & MimikyuGX, Latias & LatiosGX, Eevee & SnorlaxGX and secret rare copies of Erika's Hospitality, Brock's Grit, Sabrina's Hint, Judge's Whistle, Pokemon Communications and Brooklet Hill.

Night Unison includes VenomothGX, DedenneGX and multiple artworks for Greninja & ZoroarkGX and Garedvoir & SylveonGX and secret rare copies of Janine, Koga's Trap, Electromagnetic Radar, Pokegear 3.0, and Aether Paradise Conservation Area. 

Full Metal Wall includes BlastoiseGX, CelesteelaGX and multiple artworks for Pheromosa & BuzzwoleGX and Lucario & MelmetalGX and secret rare copies of Green's Search, Molayne, Beat Bringer, Metal Core Barrier and Mt Coronet.