Pokemon Trading Card Game - GX Ultra Shiny Random Type Break #5

  • $13.00
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For this break you will receive all the cards (or only the pulls if you select that option) of a randomly selected type from 10 packs of GX Ultra Shiny. There are 13 spots in this break, 1 for each type available in the set plus supporters and items. Types will be randomly assigned live either before or after (depending on chat vote) the break has been opened on stream. Any spot that does not hit at least 1 holo card will recieve 1 sealed pack of Dream League.

This set includes over 50 varieties of potential hits most of which are Shiny alternate reprints of previously released GX Pokemon such as Charizard GX, Rayquaza GX, Umbreon GX, Mewtwo GX, Gold Ultra Necrozma GX, Gold Solgaleo GX and many more. This set also features new shiny non-GX Pokemon with unique artwork and holo style.