Pokemon Trading Card Game - MEGA 5 Set Mixer Random Type Break #1

Pokemon Trading Card Game - MEGA 5 Set Mixer Random Type Break #1

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2 spots in this break will now recieve a PSA graded card IN ADDITION to their break spot! PSA cards are Japanese, 9 or 10 near mint/mint grade.

For this break you will receive all the cards (or only the pulls if you select that option) of a randomly selected type from 110 loose packs, 30 Sword, 30 Shield, 30 packs of Dream League, 10 packs of GX Ultra Shiny and 10 packs of Tag All Stars. There are 13 spots in this break. All spots have a chance for a secret rare. Types will be randomly assigned live before the break is opened on stream. Any spot that does not hit at least 1 GX or V card will receive 3 sealed packs of a random standard set.

Tag Team All Stars includes over 50 secret rares most featuring new artwork for popular Sun & Moon era cards

GX Ultra Shiny features 50+ varieties of  Shiny alternate reprints of previously released GX Pokemon such as Charizard Tag Team GX, Rayquaza Tag Team GX UmbreonTag Team GX, Mewtwo Tag Team GX, Gold Ultra Necrozma Tag Team GX and many more. This set also features new shiny non-GX Pokemon with unique artwork.

Dream League includes Vileplume Tag Team GXSilvally Tag Team GX, multiple artworks of Solgaleo & Lunala Tag Team GX, Reshiram & Zekrom Tag Team GXsecret rare copies of N's Resolution, Rosa, Lillie's Full Power, Lana's Fishing Rod, Lillie's Poké Doll, Gold Power Plant and 12 additional CHR (character rares) featuring a variety of Pokemon with their trainers.

Sword Base includes DhelmiseV, LaprasV, WobbuffetV. StonjournerV, ZacianV SR, CramorantV, Professor's Research SR, Bede SR, LaprasVMAX, StonjournerVMAX, Professor's Research HR, Bede HR, ZacianVUR, Fishing Rod, Air Balloon.

 Shield Base includes TorkoalV, MorpekoV, IndeedeeV, SableyeV, ZamazentaV, SnorlaxV, Team Yell Grunt SR, MorpekoVMAX, SnorlaxVMAX, Team Yell Grunt HR, Marnie, ZamazentaV, Quick Ball and Metal Saucer