Pokemon Trading Card Game - Volt Tackle Random Type Mystery Break #15

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Volt Tackle Random Type Mystery Break #15

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For this break you will receive all the cards (or only the pulls if you select that option) of a randomly selected type from 30 loose packs of Volt Tackle. There are 10 spots in this break. Types will be randomly assigned live before the break is opened on stream. Any spot that does not hit at least 1 holo card will receive 1 sealed pack of Volt TackleFor every spot in this break, you will also receive 1 random secret rare or equally valuable card. 2 spots will also receive an additional prize (see prize list below).

2 spots will receive one of the following prizes at random 

  • Additional bonus card (such as FA card, promo card, older holo card etc.)
  • $10 gift card for anything on pokemonbaribarijapan.com 
  • $5 gift card for anything on pokemonbaribarijapan.com
  • Booster packs from a variety of recent sets of winner's choice *
  • A random Gachapon capsule toy
  • Official Pokemon Center card sleeves 
  • A Mystery Bag item (random Pokemon themed item)

Volt Tackle includes OrbeetleV, TalonflameV, Galarian DarmanitanV, Pikachu V, Alakazam V, Galarian Sirfetch'd V, DrapionV , AegislashVOrbeetleVMAX, Galarian DarmanitanVMAX , PikachuVMAX, AegislashVMAX ,Bea, Leon, Nessa, Gold Galarian Obstagoon, Gold Telephoto Scope and Gold Memory Capsule.