Pokemon BariBari Japan Viewer Giveaway - How it Works & How to Win

Welcome to the Pokemon BariBari Japan community!

Prize claim portal can be found HERE

We hope you're enjoying the live streams. As a big thank you to everyone who tunes in and supports the stream, we host viewer giveaways every single stream! It's completely FREE to participate including no extra charge for tracked shipping worldwide!  No tricks or scams here. The prize for each stream will be displayed on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Read below to learn about how to it works and to increase your chances of winning. 

How do I get entries? 

Getting entires is simple! There's 2 different ways to get entires.

  1. Tune into the live stream on Twitch. That's it! Randomly every 10 - 30 minutes you will receive an entry just for watching.
  2. Catch Pokemon in the chat game. We run a Pokemon catching game in the Twitch chat. For every Pokemon you catch in this game you'll receive an extra entry. Legendary catches receive 2. Join the stream chat to learn more.
  3. Come back to the next stream. You will automatically recieve 30% of your entries earned from the previous stream. (If you miss a stream it resets!)

Entires are unlimited so the longer you watch and the more Pokemon you catch the more entires you'll recieve. 

How do I find out if I won?

The winner of each giveaway will be found at the very end of the stream. We will run the command and winner will then be determined by the bot. The Twitch username of the winner will be displayed on screen and in the chat. The bot will automatically send a Twitch whisper to the winner containing a unique prize code. This code is how each winner claims their prize. 

Helpful tips!

  • If you are unable to watch until the end of the stream to see who won, you can always watch the recorded video back on Twitch or YouTube.
  • You must be able to receive whispers from the bot in order to receive the prize code so make sure to check your settings.
  • We have a command in place to check if you are receiving whispers from the bot. Join the live stream and try it out by typing !whispertest in the chat
  • >>REMEMBER<< You will automatically recieve 30% of your entries earned in a previous stream when you join the next one. So you can accumulate your progress to increase your chances of winning by not missing a stream.

How do I claim my prize?

 If you are the lucky winner you will need to verify your identity and provide us with your shipping address. The key to claiming your prize is your personalized prize code that is whispered to your Twitch account. You will also recieve a URL directing you to the prize claim page. Enter the required info and proceed to checkout to give us your shipping address. And that's it! Your prize will soon be on it's way.

Steps to claim your prize

  1. Check your Twitch whispers for your unique prize code
  2. Visit the Prize Claim Page using the provided URL or by clicking here
  3. Enter your Twitch username and your prize code
  4. Click the 'Add To Cart' button
  5. Proceed to checkout by clicking the 'Cart' button 
  6. Enter your shipping address and make sure to complete the order

And that's it! You will not be asked for any payment information. You'll recieve an email with a tracking number once your prize has shipped. 

!! Important Rules to Know !!

  • In order to receive entires, you must be watching on Twitch and not Facebook, YouTube or Instagram 
  • You will only receive the 30% of your entires from the previous stream upon joining the next consecutive stream. If you miss a stream your entires will reset.
  • You must be able to receive whispers from the bot in order to receive the prize code. Use command !whispertest in the chat to check that you are able to recieve whispers. 
  • There is a 7 day time limit from the day you win to claim your prize. You must claim your prize before that time expires otherwise it will be forfeited  
  • Prize codes will only be given to the winner via Twitch whipsers. You can not request to have your code sent to you elsewhere such as on Facebook, Instagram or by email

!! For Returning Customers !!

  • Prizes are not connected to your other items with Pokemon BariBari Japan. They will be shipped regardless if you have other items being held with us or not. No need to do a "Send My Stuff"
  • If you would like your held cards and other items shipped with your prize, you still must do a "Send My Stuff". If we recieve a "Send My Stuff" for you near the time of your viewer giveaway win, then everything may be sent together.
  • It is possible to trade your prize but it must be done and we must be notified within a few days of your giveaway win before it is shipped.
  • Prizes will not be held unless a special request note is made. Depending on the prize, it may or may not be possible to hold it for you. If it is a card and we already are holding items for you, then we are able to put your prize with your other items. Please let us know if you would like it held by adding a note in the 'Special Requests to Seller' box at checkout.