New to Pokemon BariBari Japan? Wondering what we do here?

BariBari (バリバリ) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of excitedly ripping or opening something. And that's exactly what we do! Join us in "breaking", or opening, Japanese booster boxes, cubes and packs of Pokemon cards live on stream with fans around the world joining in. Browse though the site to find what products and breaks are available. Once a break is purchased, it will be opened on live stream for everyone to watch. Then when you're ready to have all your cards sent, visit the "Send My Stuff!" page and your cards will be on their way to you no matter where you live.

  **Please note orders will only be shipped after the $5 "Send My Stuff!" has been paid. Click here to pay . No matter how many cards you have, you only need to pay $5 once per shipment. So the more you have sent at once the more you save! When your order has shipped, a tracking number will be uploaded and you will be notified by email. 


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