Pokemon Trading Card Game - BariBari Mystery Mini Cube - Opened on Stream

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    • Break Style: Personal, Mystery Cube
    • Number of cards: 45 - 50 cards
    • Extras: Chance to win the Lucky Card or Sell Out Card prizes



-If you select "No Bulk" you will receive only the holo cards, cards labeled as promo and cards of XY era or older from the cube. This means you will not receive the full 45-50 cards if you select this option.

-There is no guarantee on what cards are inside each cube or what conditions the cards are in. The majority of cards will be NM to LP condition but some may be MP - damaged. 

You will receive one BariBari Mystery Card Cube opened on live stream. Each card cube will contain a minimum of the following:

  • 2+ holo cards 
  • 1+ GX/V/VMax card
  • 1 older holo card (XY era and older) 
  • the 2 cards visible on the outside (see photos) 
  • a variety of common and uncommon cards 

There is always the chance that any cube will have additional rare cards inside including the randomly inserted 'Lucky Card'. Every cube purchased will also enter you into the Sell Out Prize card giveaway. Once the last cube is opened, we will run the giveaway on live stream. See the additional photos for the current 'Lucky Card' and 'Sell Out Prize' card. 

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