Gachapon Machine - Pokemon Fire Type Mascot Charms Gachapon

Gachapon Machine - Pokemon Fire Type Mascot Charms Gachapon

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  • Break Style: Personal - Gachapon Capsule
  • Extras: Gold Capsules win a bonus rare card. 1 in 8 capsules are gold


You will recieve 1 random Gachapon capsule from Pokemon BariBari Japan's Gachapon machine. You will also have a 1 in 8 chance at winning a gold Gachapon capsule from the machine. A gold capsule wins you an ultra rare full art or rare bonus card in addition to your Gachapon toy! 

See the additional photos for what the current selection of Gachapons is. Click here to watch the stream. 

PLEASE NOTE: you will only recieve the Gachapon contents (toy and paper insert) and not the plastic Gachapon ball. 


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