Pokemon Trading Card Game - Battle Region & VMax Climax Hit Shuffle Break (45 Packs) #2

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Battle Region & VMax Climax Hit Shuffle Break (45 Packs) #2

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Hit Shuffle ('Hits' are shuffled then distributed
  • Number of Packs: 45 Packs, 2 Boxes of Battle Region & 5 VMax Climax Mixed Packs 
  • Number of Spots: 8 Spots
  • Extras:  x2 secret rare cards from the 'Hit Box' 


     For this break, every spot will receive one or multiple random 'hit' cards from 40 packs of Battle Region & 5 Packs of Vmax Climax. There are 8 spots in this break. Holos will be distributed evenly to all spots and do not count as a 'hit'. If you select the 'Include Bulk' option, you will receive a random variety of common and uncommon cards from the break in addition to your hits. 


    Hit Shuffle breaks are a style of break that distribute 'hit' cards evenly among all spots. First, all the packs are opened. Then, all 'hit' cards (Vs, GXs and better) will be gathered. Hit cards will be separated into to 2 piles; 1 for secret rares and 1 for all other hits. The secret rare pile must have at least 8 cards. If the secret rare card pile does not have 8 cards, then secret rare cards from the 'Hit Box' will be added until there is 8. Piles will then be turned face down and shuffled. Once the cards are shuffled, they will be dealt to each spot in the break.

  For the secret rare pile, cards will be dealt into 8 stacks, 1 for each spot. If there is more than 8 secret rares, GX/V/VMax cards will be added until there is a second stack of 8 cards. These will then also be dealt into the 8 stacks. Next, cards from the other pile (GXs, Vs, VMaxes) will be dealt into the 8 stacks as evenly as possible. 

Once all cards are dealt, the 8 piles will be placed into team bags and numbered 1-8. We will then randomize the names of the participants in the break to assign them new spots. The numbered tea bags will be distributed to the corresponding spots. We will then reveal what cards each spot receives on stream.

  Finally the holo cards will be evenly and randomly distributed to each spot in a similar fashion. This distribution will done happen off camera.


        Battle Region contains Verizion V, Starmie V, Hisuian Typhlosion V, Hisuian Typhlosion VStar, Hisuian Decidueye V, Hisuian Decidueye VStar, Hisuian Samurott V, Hisuian Samurott VStar and secret rare supporters and gold ultra rare item cards. Battle Region will also contain new CHR (Character Rares) cards including Chandelure CHR, Wyrdeer CHR, Kleavor CHR and more.

         VMax Climax is a 'High Class' set with 11 cards per pack and a guaranteed Double Rare (RR) or better in each pack. It includes reprints of popular Sword and Shield era cards plus 70 secret rare cards featuring new Character Rare variants.


    • As this is a group break, packs will only be opened once all spots are sold out and the break is completely filled. 
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