Pokemon Trading Card Game - Sky Stream & Towering Perfection Pack Spin #7

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Sky Stream & Towering Perfection Pack Spin #7

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  • Break Style: Group Break - each spot receives packs & a chance for prizes
  • Number of Packs: Varies, minimum 2 packs per spot
  • Number of Spots: 30 Spots
  • Extras: x15 packs of the newest set, Gift Cards, Gachapons and Mystery Prizes


       For this break you will receive all cards (or without bulk if you select that option) from randomly selected packs. There are 30 spots in this break. 2 spots will receive 15 packs; 8 Sky Stream and 7 Towering Perfection.  28 spots will receive a random variety of packs. Every spot will receive a minimum of 2 packs. Some spots will also win extra Pokemon related prizes.

Prizes may include the following:

  • Additional bonus card (such as FA card, promo card, shiny Pokemon etc.)
  • $10 gift card for anything on pokemonbaribarijapan.com 
  • $5 gift card for anything on pokemonbaribarijapan.com
  • Additional booster packs from a variety of recent sets
  • Pokemon TCG promo packs containing one or more promo cards
  • A random Gachapon capsule toy
  • Official Pokemon Center card sleeves 
  • Official Pokemon center charms or keychains
  • High quality Pokemon stickers

      Packs will be opened on live stream unless requested to remain sealed. Requests may be made in the chat or in the 'Notes' box at checkout.


      • As this is a group break, packs will only be opened once all spots are sold out and the break is completely filled. 
      • Shipping is not included in this purchase. For shipping info, CLICK HERE. We can hold your purchases for as long as you like and continue to consolidate your orders to save on shipping costs. If you would like your orders shipped immediately, you will need to purchase shipping. Check out our FAQ page for more information on shipping.