Pokemon Trading Card Game - Fusion Arts + Shiny Star V Hit Draft Break (40 Packs) #3

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Fusion Arts + Shiny Star V Hit Draft Break (40 Packs) #3

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Hit Draft (pick your 'hit' cards at the end of the break) 
  • Number of Packs: 45 Loose Packs 
  • Number of Spots: 6 Spots
  • Extras: x1 secret rare card from Pull Box, x1 $20 gift card


     For this break, participants will take turns selecting which 'hit' cards (Vs and better) they would like from the pictured packs after they are opened on stream. Selection (draft) order is decided at random and is not determined by which spot you purchase. Every spot will also receive a random variety of the holo rare (R) cards from the break. If you select the 'All Cards; option, you will also receive a random variety of the Common (C) and Uncommon (U) cards from the break.

     There are 6 spots in this break. Spots will be randomized on stream after the break is opened. This will be the selection order (draft) starting with spot 1. Hit Draft breaks are done in snake order, meaning selection order will first start with spot 1 and go through spot 6. Then once spot 6 has chosen a card, spot 6 will choose immediately again and selection order will go backwards through the list down to spot 1. This process will repeat until all 'hit' cards have been drafted. 

Additionally, there are some extra prizes in this break.

  • 1 secret rare card from Pokemon BariBari's Pull Box will be added to the pool of 'hit' cards before the draft begins
  • The participate who is randomized to spot 6 will receive a $20 gift card. 


     Fusion Arts includes Tsareena V, Chandelure V/VMax, Crabominable V, Boltund V/VMax, Mew V/VMax, Hoopa V, Genesect V, Greedent V/VMax and secret rare Supporters and Items.  

     Shiny Star V is a 'High Class' set with 10 cards and a guarenteed Double Rare (RR) or better in each pack. It also includes over 100 secret rares most featuring new shiny variant artworks from popular Sword & Shield era cards.

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