Pokemon Trading Card Game - Ginkgo's Matchless Fighter Random Type Mystery Break #4

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Ginkgo's Matchless Fighter Random Type Mystery Break #4

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Random Type + Mys. Prize (every spot receives a secret rare) 
  • Number of Packs: 40 Loose Packs
  • Number of Spots: 8 Spots
  • Extras: Sealed packs for hitless spots, 2 mystery prizes


     For this break, you will receive all Double Rare (RR), Triple Rare (RRR) Amazing Rare (AR) and secret rare (S, SR, SSR, HR, UR) cards of a randomly selected type from the pictured packs. You will also receive a random variety of the holo rare (R) cards from the break (no specific type). If you select the 'All Cards; option, you will also receive a random variety of the Common (C) and Uncommon (U) cards from the break.

     There are 8 spots in this break. Types will be randomly assigned live before the break is opened on stream. Any spot that does not hit at least 1 Double Rare (RR) or better will receive 1 sealed pack of a standard set.

For every spot in this break, you will also receive 1 random secret rare or equally valuable card. 2 spots will also receive an additional prize (see list below).

2 spots will receive one of the following prizes at random 

  • Additional bonus card (such as FA card, promo card, older holo card etc.)
  • $10 gift card for anything on pokemonbaribarijapan.com 
  • $5 gift card for anything on pokemonbaribarijapan.com
  • Booster packs from a variety of recent sets of winner's choice *
  • A random Gachapon capsule toy
  • Official Pokemon Center card sleeves 
  • A Mystery Bag item (random Pokemon themed item)

Some spot may receive a special Ginkgo prize 


    Matchless Fighter includes Blazekin VDracozolt  V , Galarian Articuno  VGalarian Zapdos  VGalarian Moltres  VGalarian Slowking  VBlaziken  VMAXDracozolt  VMAXGalarian Slowking  VMAXKaren’s Conviction, Klara, Avery, Brawly , Gold Snorlax, Gold Fan of Waves, Gold Urn of Vitality, Gold Fighting Energy.

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