Pokemon Trading Card Game - Jet Black Spirit & Silver Lance Break Split (100 Packs) #3

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Jet Black Spirit & Silver Lance Break Split (100 Packs) #3

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Break Split, each spot receives half the possible hits
  • Number of Packs: 100 Loose Packs 
  • Number of Spots: 2 Spots
  • Extras: 6 sealed packs to each spot, $60 gift card to any spot that does not pull a SR or better


      For this break, you will receive all Double Rare (RR), Triple Rare (RRR) Amazing Rare (AR) and secret rare (S, SR, SSR, HR, UR) cards of a randomly selected type set from the pictured packs. You will also receive a random variety of the holo rare (R) cards from the break (no specific type). If you select the 'Include Bulk; option, you will also receive a random variety of the Common (C) and Uncommon (U) cards from the break.

  You and one other participant will receive the cards (with no bulk if you select that option) from the pictured packs opened on live stream. You and the other participant will also receive 6 sealed packs, 3 from each set. All possible hits in this break are split equally into two sets, Hit Set A and Hit Set B. Which Hit Sets each spot receives will be randomly assigned on live stream. Cards that are pulled with a name matching the cards in each Hit Set will go to the assigned spot. Holos cards will be equally and randomly divided between the two spots. 


    Jet Black Spirit includes Celebi VArctovish VIce Rider Calyrex VZeraora VShadow Rider Calyrex VMetagross VBlissey VCelebi VMaxShadow Rider Calyrex VMaxMetagross VMax, Gold Electrode, CaitlinAgathaPeoniaSieboldFog CrystalEcho Horn, Gold Psychic Energy.   

   Silver Lance includes Volcanion V, Ice Rider Calyrex V, Ice Rider Calyrex VGalarian Rapidash  V, Sandaconda  V, Liepard  V, Tornadus  VIce Rider Calyrex VMaxSandaconda  VMaxTornadus  VMax, Gold Bronzong, Doctor, Flannery, Doctor, Peony, Melony, Imposing Helmet, Gold Water Energy, Gold Welcoming Lantern.


  • As this is a group break, packs will only be opened once all spots are sold out and the break is completely filled. 
  • Shipping is not included in this purchase. For shipping info, CLICK HERE. We can hold your purchases for as long as you like and continue to consolidate your orders to save on shipping costs. If you would like your orders shipped immediately, you will need to purchase shipping. Check out our FAQ page for more information on shipping.


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