Pokemon Trading Card Game - Matchless Fighter Box Split + Secret Rares #8

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Matchless Fighter Box Split + Secret Rares #8

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Box Split, each spot receives 15 packs
  • Number of Packs: 30 packs from 1 box
  • Number of Spots: 2 Spots
  • Extras: 2 secret rare cards, 1 to each spot 


     For this break, you will receive all Double Rare (RR), Triple Rare (RRR) Amazing Rare (AR) and secret rare (S, SR, SSR, HR, UR) cards of a randomly selected type from the pictured packs. You will also receive a random variety of the holo rare (R) cards from the break (no specific type). If you select the 'All Cards; option, you will also receive a random variety of the Common (C) and Uncommon (U) cards from the break.

  You and one other participant will receive all cards (or only pulls if you select that option) from the pictured packs opened on live stream from a sealed booster box. You and the other participant will also receive 1 random secret rare card from the set.  Packs will be shuffled. Spot 1 will be given the top 15 packs and player 2 will receive the remaining 15 packs. The extra secret rare cards will be revealed after the packs are opened. Secret rare cards will be randomly assigned to each player before being revealed 


    Matchless Fighter includes Blazekin VDracozolt  V , Galarian Articuno  VGalarian Zapdos  VGalarian Moltres  VGalarian Slowking  VBlaziken  VMAXDracozolt  VMAXGalarian Slowking  VMAXKaren’s Conviction, Klara, Avery, Brawly , Gold Snorlax, Gold Fan of Waves, Gold Urn of Vitality, Gold Fighting Energy.