Pokemon Trading Card Game - MEGA Matchless Fighter + Random Sets Hit Rotation Break (120 Packs) #6

Pokemon Trading Card Game - MEGA Matchless Fighter + Random Sets Hit Rotation Break (120 Packs) #6

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Hit Rotation ('Hits' are evenly distributed
  • Number of Packs: 100 Loose Packs
  • Number of Spots: 8 Spots
  • Extras:  1 secret rare card from the Pull Box


     For this break, every spot will receive one or multiple random 'hit' cards from 120 loose packs, 60 Matchless Fighter  and 60 random standard sets. There are 8 spots in this break. Holos will be distributed evenly to all spots and do not count as a 'hit'. If you select the 'All Cards' option, you will receive a random variety of common and uncommon cards from the break in addition to your hits. 

Additionally, there is 1 extra prize in this break. 1 secret rare card from Pokemon BariBari's Pull Box will be included as the final 'hit' card in the break after the last pack has been opened.


Hit Rotations breaks are a style of break that distribute 'hit' cards evenly among all spots in the break. First, all names will be randomized before packs are opened and participants will be assigned new spots. Packs will then be opened. Once a hit card is found, it will be assigned to the person with the first spot on the new randomized list. The next hit found will then be given to second spot on the list. This will continue until all packs in the break are opened. Once the last spot is reached, we will start back at spot 1 and continue to distribute hits from the remaining packs. 


     Matchless Fighter includes Blazekin VDracozolt  V , Galarian Articuno  VGalarian Zapdos  VGalarian Moltres  VGalarian Slowking  VBlaziken  VMAXDracozolt  VMAXGalarian Slowking  VMAXKaren’s Conviction, Klara, Avery, Brawly , Gold Snorlax, Gold Fan of Waves, Gold Urn of Vitality, Gold Fighting Energy.

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