Pokemon Trading Card Game - Shiny Star V Special Pack Shuffle #11

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Shiny Star V Special Pack Shuffle #11

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Shuffle, each spot receives packs
  • Number of Packs: Varies, minimum 1 per spot
  • Number of Spots: 24 Spots
  • Extras: Shiny Star V packs, secret rare cards, gachapons, gift cards, other small prizes 


       For this break you will receive all cards (or only pulls if you select that option)** from randomly selected packs. There are 24 spots in this break. 2 spots will receive 4 packs of Shiny Star V.  22 spots will receive a random variety of packs including semi vintage and special sets. Every spot will receive a minimum of 1 pack. Some spots will also win extra prizes such as gift cards, gachapons, secret rare cards, stickers and more.

      Some packs will be opened on live stream. Vintage, semi vintage (older than Sun & Moon) or special packs will remain sealed unless requested to be opened. All other packs will be opened unless requested to remain sealed. Requests may be made in the chat or in the 'Special Instructions for Seller' box at checkout.

      **PLEASE NOTE, all vintage, semi vintage and special packs will receive all the cards as well as the wrappers from their packs even if you select the 'Only Pulls' option.

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